Urgent Care with Dr. Goodman – What to Expect

We all get sick or hurt and would prefer to see a doctor who knows us. Why go to an anonymous urgent care clinic if your neighborhood doctor is available? I'm a long time Marin County resident and I'm only a phone call or a click away. 

I can help you with acute illness, minor injuries, referrals to well qualified specialists in Marin and elsewhere as well as provide any needed follow up care from hospitalizations or emergency room visits. 

Some of the conditions that I treat on an urgent care basis include:

Allergies                                                           sinus infections
Cold and cough                                              sore throat
Dizziness                                                          eye & ear infections
Fever, flu-like symptoms                           insect bites, poison oak, rashes
Minor burns, cuts, lacerations                  back & neck pain
Sprains, strains                                              upset stomach
Urinary tract infections                               vomiting, diarrhea & dehydration
Abscesses and skin infection                     headaches
Sports and school physical exams

Other Services

In addition to the initial examination, I can help you arrange any needed outside tests or treatments that might be necessary, such as:

  • Laboratory tests

  • X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI scans, etcwith attention to quality and cost

  • Medications - either dispensed, administered or prescribed

  • Simple office procedures like suturing, incision and drainage, ear cleaning, etc

  • When needed, refer to top specialists and tertiary care facilities


To request a same day or Sunday appointment or for more info on my urgent care services:

Call me at 415-897-5400.