I am a designated Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for Class 1, 2 or 3 medical exams and would be happy to arrange to get your exam completed the same or following day whenever possible. Whether you are just learning how to fly or you have just landed a 747 at SFO and realize that your medical certification is about to expire, I would be happy to serve as your examiner.

I understand your concerns about the process and encourage you to call me with any health concerns or medications that might impact the issuance of your FAA medical exam certificate.


  1. Complete Items 1-20 (pilot portion) of the Form 8500-8, the FAA Application for Airman Medical Certification. These are the pilot's own statements about your medical history entered online through MedXPress. You must do this in advance of seeing me.

  2. After you electronically submit your application, call me and schedule your flight physical within 60 days of entering data through MedXPress, or you'll have to repeat the application.

  3. I will review and refine your portion and complete Items 21-64, (the AME exam portion).

To request more info about me or to set up an appointment:

Call me at 415-897-5400.