Dr. Goodman as your primary care physician

When I went into medicine, my goal was to become the kind of doctor I read about as a kid and saw on TV -  compassionate, wise, practical and always available. That is what you can expect if you choose me as your primary care physician.

It is really important to me to establish strong relationships with my patients. I take the time to listen and you will never feel rushed. You will always get me - either by phone, email, text, video or in person.

My process

  • I start with a thorough, comprehensive history and physical examination that addresses any current health concerns, identifies any preventive services that may be needed and then we mutually agree on a course of action.

  • In addition to my medical education, I have advanced degrees in biomedical engineering, so I can help you incorporate state of the art digital health technologies into your care plan. I can also help you navigate a health care landscape that is increasingly dominated by technological advances.

  • Once you are my patient, you can reach me by email, text, video conference or phone. This is particularly useful if you get sick while traveling, either domestic or international.

  • If you’re healthy, I can help keep you that way. If you get sick, I will work hard to make sure you get the most expert care appropriate to your situation;

To request more info about me or to set up an appointment:

Call me at 415-897-5400.