Travel Medicine

My process

I love to travel and I'd like to help you have a medical event-free trip, whether you are going to New York or New Delhi. 

I provide a thorough travel consultation to make sure you have all the information, medications, first aid supplies and travel immunizations you need. Advance notice is really helpful, particularly for more exotic places, as it can take a few days to obtain certain vaccines or preventive medications.

  • Complete travel-related history and physical exam

  • Prescriptions for any needed preventive medications including antibiotics, malaria, motion sickness and altitude sickness

  • Advice for safe travel;

  • Vaccinations, both common and uncommon.

What if something happens while traveling?

Call, Skype, text. I'll support you while you are traveling. For example, I can help you find a local English-speaking doctor, guide you to proper use of medications that you packed and finding medications that you might need at a local pharmacy. 

When you get back, I will provide follow up as needed to get you back to your normal state of health.

To request more info about me or to set up an appointment:

Call me at 415-897-5400.