House Calls

A relic from the medical past — the house call — is a valuable tool in the the 21st century medical bag, and it is a service that I genuinely enjoy providing for patients who need or want me to visit them outside of my office - home, hotel or even hospital bed. 

With today's technology, most of what I can do in the office can be done at the bedside so I can accomplish a lot with a home visit. Home visits are especially helpful for people who have been recently discharged from a hospital or have significant mobility issues, making it very difficult for them to see that case, I come to see them.

Reasons that people request house calls are varied, but generally fall into a one of these categories: 

  • Feeling ill and would prefer to be seen at home

  • Mobility issues that make it a challenge to travel

  • Travelers who get sick and would prefer to stay in their hotel room

  • Prefer the convenience and personalized care of a home visit

While I hope you don't need me to come to your home, please don't hesitate to contact me if you do.

To request a same day or Sunday appointment or for more info on house calls:

Call me at 415-897-5400.